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Play competitive Esports against your friends for Cash or Diamonds.
Cash out big, or spend Diamonds in our rewards store.


Instant Lobbies

Our โ€˜Instant Lobbiesโ€™ pair users together in real time that are looking to play now. Play for Diamonds and accumulate enough to purchase real prizes from our Reward Store, or wager Cash if you are 18+.


Private Tournaments

Join or Host private events with friends, strangers, clans or teams. With our Private Tournament engine you are in charge! Play head-to-head for a prize against a friend, or create your own Tournament Mode. The choice is yours!


Clans With Friends

Represent your Clan, Group or Organization in style with our dedicated Clan pages. Create your own Clan, organize events, grow your user base, and compete against other clans to earn clout.


Instant Stats

We speak directly to the game server at all times, constantly pulling your stats. You donโ€™t need to submit scores, game recordings or play squad games as a duos.


Provably Fair

All stats are provably fair and accurate. We provide data snapshots for players to audit stats that are used to ensure their authenticity. All players compete in various games of skill with their own ability to perform being the sole distinguishing factor between winning and losing.


13 + Only

Play competitive Esports games against your friends for Diamonds. Accumulate Diamonds and trade them in our Reward Store for real prizes.


18 + Only

Play competitive Esports games against your friends for real Cash. Compete with the best and earn a seat to our exclusive Cash Prize Events.


(Coming Soon)

Play competitive Esports games against your friends for Bitcoin. Wager Bitcoin against players globally to try and stack as many Sats as possible!


Earn Real Money & Prizes

Beat other players and grind your way to the top of the leaderboard. Top performing players have the opportunity to win plenty of Cash and other prizes as well as the chance to compete in our exclusive prize events.

Spend ๐Ÿ’Ž In Store

Play your way to the top and use your Diamonds to purchase Gift Cards and other prizes from our Reward Store. You can earn Gift Cards for these great providers and many more!

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